Frequently asked questions (these are "in my experience" answers)

What is
It's a social network dedicated to the foreskin and non-surgical foreskin restoration. We offer the basics - image and video uploads, blogs, chat, messaging and more. Membership is open to anyone who has a penis.

Will foreskin restoration make my penis bigger?
No. Nothing non-surgical will make your penis any bigger permanently.

Does it hurt?
It shouldn't. If it hurts you might be doing it too aggressivley or for too long at a time.

Should I buy a restoration device?
That depends. You might not be able to use a device if you are just starting out. Most devices need you to have some extra skin to work with. If you have a tight circumcision you should try the t-tape method first. It's very inexpensive. I used the t-tape method for 2 years before I had enough extra skin for a device to work properly.

Can I fully restore my foreskin?
No. Not naturally. You can grow the tube of skin back, but the "drawstring" features that keep it tightly closed over the glans were removed at circumcision.

Is foreskin restoration worth it?
Depends on who you ask. For me, it was and still is worth it after 5 years.

What restoration device do you recommend?
I don't 'recommend' any specific device because I've only ever used one of them. They probably all work well if you work them. The device I use is the DTR. Please click the image below for more information on foreskin restoration and the DTR system.

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